ITAsociar assist IT service provider’s to transform local offices to an environmentally friendly, cost effective digital ecosystem participant, capable of handling exponential data growth for the foreseeable future. Growth is occurring due to the shift to the “cloud”, creating a demand in secured data storage needs.

Asociar provides a Mobile Micro Information and Technology Exchanges (MMiTX)

  • Combine Mobile Telecom and Mobile IT Exchange
  • Fully engineered, turnkey, data center solution, complete and ultra-fast to implement.
  • Consists of 2” modular sections at various heights that can be assembled into an infinite number of sizes depending on the specific site requirements.
  • Includes indoor and outdoor solutions which meet domestic and international construction standards.
  • Energy efficient, fully controlled, hermetically sealed, secure
  • Design, engineering, security, implementation and monitoring of the entire IT environment, including physical and virtual entities.
  • One PO for preset cabinet configurations, including backhaul – complete packaged solutions.
  • Can be pre-configured and fully engineered for all systems.
  • Procure all equipment and materials under (1) Part #.
  • Delivery in weeks, not months.
  • Options for:
    • Power & Environment Monitoring
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Access Control
    • Asset Tracking