modAsociar is offers network modernization services to support telecom, data, utility, government, transportation and enterprise customers to upgrade or modernize their network infrastructures to handle explosive growth in the marketplace.

Asociar provides full suite of products which includes:

  • Design and Integration
  • Installation Test and Turn-up
  • Network Migration
  • Quality Audit

Any network service provider operating facilities faced with the burden of outdated equipment can benefit from this service. Asociar works to modernize a wide range of networks including central offices, MTSOs, MSCs, MSSs, enterprise networks, PoPs, co-locations, and regional data centers.

We’ll work with you to renovate your network and achieve lasting business benefits:

  • A modernized network that supports the needs of today’s customer base
  • Reduced overhead and cost of dependency on antiquated or failing systems
  • Condensed equipment footprint, making space available for additional capacity
  • Lower power consumption to help meet “green” initiatives
  • Reduced spare parts management for ageing equipment
  • Improved traffic routing, flexibility and monitoring
  • Revitalized business opportunities to grow customer base
  • Optimized use of bandwidth through recovery of unused capacity
  • Fiber recovery to increase the capacity of exhausted fiber plant

Asociar Network Modernization Service can accelerate your time to market by supplying dedicated resources to optimize or modernize your network, allowing your team to focus on critical business needs. Bring out the full potential of your network contact us today!