The E Awards represent EXCELLENCE and is acknowledged at the Premier recognition event in North Texas accrediting Buyers for leadership and successfully contributing to excellence in minority business inclusion and utilization. Recognition as a D/FW MSDC E AWARD Mega Deal Winner is positive recognition for you and your organization.

As you may know, our Mega Deals is a celebration and recognition of business between a Certified D/FW MBE and a D/FW Buying Entity Partner (Corporation or Public Sector Agency). The business has to be minimally $25 Million in dollars of contracted and paid work in 2013.



15853834992_b8b849aa30_zCongratulations to Fujitsu Network Communication in partnership with Asociar LLC for achieving the $25 million Mega Deal Award in 2014. Receiving the Award for Asociar is Ron Lucas, VP Sales and for Fujitsu Network Communications is Lauren Miller, National Diversity Initiative, Program Manager.  Congratulations on making business big in Texas!