Product lifecycles in the technology sector are shrinking to months, but were once measured in years are now measured in moths. Consumers are eagerly awaiting and expect the Next Big Thing. With every new product introduction, the value of existing products’ drops and service provider must quickly adopt the big thing into the supply chain to capitalize on this new market opportunity. The Next Big Thing! This process is further complicated when the revolutionary new product enters the market and sales explode.

Asociar provides rack and cabinet integration services to simplify supply chain, enable speed to market and scalability to meet the next big thing market demands.

We provide materials management, enclosures, racks, cabinets, integration, testing and logistics. Technology has rapidly and dramatically improved the ability to manage the supply chain process more efficiently, as well as making information virtually on demand for customers. Improving the technology you utilize for supply chain management will increase your productivity as well as the bottom line by improving your customer experience and being prepared for the Next Big Thing!


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