sat-trackAdvanced GPS Tracking

Asociar can provide Time Stamped GPS Asset Tracking to control Project Management for global installations, including instant chain of custody dashboard reports. Following asset installation, Asociar will track deployed OEM asset Serial Numbers providing customer with a single point of contact for the OEM PCN hardware identification and any OEM Warranty credentials


Remote M2M Monitoring & Asset Management

View, Predict, Control & Refresh Anything—Anywhere


GPS Value Proposition

  • Full Visibility To
    • Current location of shipped equipment
    • Cycle time between ship and installation
    • Cycle time in third possession
    • Verification of delivery to planned destination
    • Customer defined reports & alarms, such as:
      • Equipment and Orders in excess of X days cycle time.
      • Equipment and Orders in one location more than X days
      • Equipment diverted to unplanned location or outside Geo fence


  • assetsFull Flexibility To
    • Small size, superior GPS performance and replaceable AA Alkaline batteries
    • Complete asset tracking and communications device incorporating next gen, super-sensitive GPS technology on GSM/GPRS, CDMA, and HSPA cellular networks
    • Superior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS eliminate the need for wired antennas and makes unit mountable virtually anywhere for easy low cost installations
    • Messages transported across cellular networks using enhanced SMS or UDP messaging providing reliable communications link between device and application servers.


  • Increase availability & jobs performed by 50% or greater
  • Reduce maintenance and emergency buying costs by 30%


Rapid tailored apps built to meet your specific rule sets, reporting and analytic needs. The most comprehensive and customizable cloud asset tracking, M2M monitoring and response toolset on the market today!